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Amal Clooney, 45, stuns in plunging jumpsuit after revealing her very healthy diet secrets

Elegance and eloquence were on display when Amal Clooney attended the 4Gamechangers 2023 Festival in Vienna, Austria. 

Donning a plunging tuxedo jumpsuit that accentuated her toned figure, the 45-year-old looked every bit the epitome of grace and class. 

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With patent stiletto heels boosting her stature, the renowned barrister and wife of George Clooney swept her long brunette locks into glamorous waves, further enhancing her commanding presence.

As she ascended the podium, delivering a compelling talk on the importance of human rights, the mom-of-two captured the audience’s full attention.


The festival, initiated in 2016, aims to provide a space where innovators, disruptors, visionaries, and impactful individuals connect to discuss globally relevant topics.

To maintain her impressive physique, Amal follows a Mediterranean-style diet and impressive fitness routine. 

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Heat magazine reported that Amal starts her day with a super healthy breakfast of seaweed soup and occasionally a boiled egg. 

Lunch and dinner typically consist of fish and chickpeas, supplemented by houmous on a wholegrain cracker.

During a rare home interview with Vogue, Amal provided a deeper glimpse into her daily eating routine. 

“Clooney leads me to the kitchen, where her chef has laid out food,” wrote journalist Nathan Heller. “There is a salad, spaghetti with turkey meatballs, and chicken breast with lemon sauce.” 

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Amal eats mainly a Mediterranean diet to maintain her physique

This hearty and balanced diet reflects not just the careful planning that goes into her meals, but also the joy she derives from them.

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