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They’re young, they look healthy, but they need a seat on the train. This is why

He would like to have children after marriage, but first, he must find “a partner who’s very understanding”, he said.

“One of my criteria before I get into relationships is that (potential partners) need to know my illness. They need to know that I’m not always 100 per cent (well).”

His ex knew about his condition. There were times when she would physically support him as he walked around in pain. At other times when he experienced a flare-up, he would grin and bear it on a special night out.

But the relationship did not pan out, though not because of his condition, according to Pang.

As for Nicole Lim, finding a special someone was the furthest thing on her mind when she was a teenager battling three autoimmune diseases and a failing liver.

But after her liver transplant gave her a new lease of life, she started caring about her appearance. She bought dresses and make-up in her early 20s.

She went out on a date after including some details of her illness on her dating app profile. Her date knew of her condition, but they did not “click”, she said.

“I’m a bit body-conscious as well, because I have scarring from the transplant. And I’ve got stretch marks from the sudden weight gain from the steroids (to suppress her immune system).”

Like Pang, she said she must find someone who is “super understanding”.

While she was previously jealous of her peers, she has since come to terms with her diseases, which she now keeps under control with more than 10 types of medication. In fact, she has published a book about her experiences.

In sharing her story, she seeks what others with autoimmune diseases perhaps also want from society. “Don’t look at what I can’t do,” she

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