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Is Milk Really White Poison? See What Experts Have To Say

New Delhi: The claim that milk is a ‘white poison’ is a controversial one, and opinions on the matter are divided. While some individuals and groups say that milk is harmful to human health, others argue that it is a valuable source of nutrition. Now, an important thing to note here is that the process of pasteurisation reduces the milk’s nutritional value while it extends the shelf life of the product. It strips the milk of its enzymes and vitamins A, B12, and C, introducing antibiotics and hormones into the milk during the procedure.

Additionally, the beneficial bacteria present in raw cow milk are destroyed by pasteurisation. It eliminates all of the phosphatases and kills the natural enzymes, both of which are necessary for calcium absorption. Together with vitamin D, calcium strengthens the immune system and is essential for children’s growth and health. So, does that mean milk is really a ‘white poison‘? 

To answer this, ABP Live sought the opinions of experts who explained both the pros and cons of consuming milk.

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Pros Of consuming Milk:

Dr Sauren Panja, Senior Consultant & Administrative Lead- Critical Care Services (Critical Care, Internal Medicine) at RN Tagore Hospital Kolkata explained that milk is consumed on an almost daily basis by millions and has its own potential health effects. While milk is a healthy source of calcium, protein and other nutrients, the hormones and additives in modern dairy farming practices may have negative impacts on people’s health.

Additionally, Dr. Rajkumar, Sr. Consultant- Internal Medicine at Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, New Delhi added that milk provides various essential nutrients, including calcium, vitamin D, and protein, which are important for maintaining strong bones, healthy teeth, and fostering muscle growth. It is also

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