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Diet trends to ditch in 2024 (and what to practice)

Diet trends to ditch in 2024 (and what to practice)

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Over the years, numerous diet trends have captured public attention, making promises of quick fixes and miraculous results.

However, scientific research has debunked many of these trends, and it’s time to bid them farewell.

Today, let’s take a closer look at five diets that were once popular but are no longer considered effective or healthy for weight management.

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Juice detox: Temporary results

Despite its initial popularity as a quick weight loss solution, the juice cleanses diet has experienced a decline.

It lacks crucial components like protein for maintaining muscle health and fiber for satiety and proper digestion.

Additionally, the weight loss achieved through a juice cleanse is often short-term and primarily involves shedding water weight rather than achieving sustainable fat loss. Time to ditch it!

Keto diet: Adherence is a challenge

The keto diet‘s restrictive nature limits vital components like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, raising concerns about nutritional balance.

Prolonged adherence poses potential health risks, especially for heart health due to its high saturated fat content.

Additionally, the diet’s challenging sustainability can lead to difficulties in long-term maintenance, increasing the likelihood of rapid weight regain upon discontinuation. Best to avoid.

Cabbage soup diet: Monotonous from beginning till the end

The cabbage soup diet, a brief weight loss plan centered on consuming low-calorie cabbage soup for a week, promises swift results.

However, nutrient deficiencies, especially in protein, are a concern for muscle health.

This diet offers a short-term solution, and the lost weight is typically regained post-resumption of regular eating.

Furthermore, the lack of variety in the diet can make it monotonous.

What to do: Make portion control a part of lifestyle

Control your food intake by using smaller plates, making portions seem larger, which can satisfy your brain and appetite.


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