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Macromex and Next Root Management System: solution for food safety and healthy eating

Macromex, one of the main players in the Romanian food industry, together with Next Root Management Systems, a HoReCa consulting provider, is launching a solution aimed at optimizing food flows and safety, as well as bringing healthy nutrition to kindergarten canteens and schools and targets 40 beneficiary educational units by the end of 2023.


“I want every child who eats in school canteens to enjoy the best quality dishes, prepared according to high standards, under maximum food safety conditions. For our HoReCa partners, we want to bring more productivity and efficiency through our portfolio of products, recipes, advice and technology. And all these things cannot be achieved, neither for the children nor for the providers, if the respective location, in the present case – the canteen, does not have a planning of work flows, an efficiency and a standardization of operations. For this reason, we have joined forces with partners from Next Root Management System, to offer a complete service, for the benefit of the generations who are now in kindergarten or on the benches of schools”, says Albert Davidoglu, CEO, Macromex.

Through the project dedicated to kindergartens and schools, care and interest in healthy eating can be transferred outside the home, in the places where children and students spend the most time, during a week. The solution includes the verification of raw materials, along with an operational system adapted to each location, for added value for all these educational institutions and more safety for students

“With the desire to contribute to the improvement of services in education, we enter into a collaboration aimed at efficiency, standardization of operations, flow planning and food safety for production and storage spaces in kindergartens and school canteens. Our objective, for 2023, is to realize 40 such projects”, says Dragoș Panait, founder of Next

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