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‘Should be part of everyone’s education’: WHS Student-Run Club Brings Body Positivity Message to Middle Schoolers

The Wilton High School student-run club Reshaping Reality aims to tackle body
positivity and self-love. Next week they hope to bring that message to younger students who may be more vulnerable to self-image issues through “Middle Schoolers in the Mirror,” an interactive program held at the Wilton Library.

The program, which will have sessions on two consecutive Tuesdays (May 23 and May 30), focuses on educating middle school students about the challenges and warning signs of eating disorders, as well as how to maintain a healthy body image.

The students of Reshaping Reality decided to center their efforts around middle schoolers after noticing the impact self-image had on their own experiences.

“We chose to do this with the middle schoolers because as high school students, we
know in middle school we faced these issues with social pressure and self-esteem
problems,” Jolene Massad, current WHS junior and co-president of Reshaping
Reality, said. “We saw a lot of our friends struggle through eating disorders and other damaging health behaviors — we wanted to help them know these warning signs, but also help them help themselves.”

Massad and the other students in Reshaping Reality will lead program at the library with eating disorder coach Oriana Laflamme using activities, discussions, videos and body image exercises to support their message. Most activities are planned around navigating online presence and distinguishing the ‘fake’ from the ‘real’ as middle schoolers start using social media.

They chose to cap each session at 20 students to offer more one-on-one, personal support for participants. Both workshops will be held from 3:30-5 p.m., and require registration beforehand.

At the end of her freshman year, Massad was approached by a friend from Staples High School in Westport about a club called Reshaping Reality; in her sophomore

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