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Pregnancy diet: Focusing on the do’s and don’ts for maternal health

By Dr. Sheetal Deshpande

Besides a flood of overwhelming emotions, pregnancy brings a lot of challenges for the mother during and after childbearing. While tender breasts, nausea, and fatigue are some of the issues an expecting mother faces, a set of dietary restrictions is required to accommodate the new life inside them. In the postpartum period, a new set of food items are suggested to fasten the pregnancy labor recovery and breastfeeding. C-section and normal delivery follow different routines as the former takes more time to recover from the surgery.

A woman’s diet during and after pregnancy plays a vital role in her and the baby’s overall well-being. Proper nutrition through seasonal fruits and vegetables, dairy products, whole grains, nuts and seeds is a must along with good mental health. It goes hand in hand. Let us understand some pivotal nutrition tips a pregnant mother must consider:

Foods that come with essential vitamins

Carrots, pumpkin, leafy veggies, sweet potato and a green palate (leafy vegetables) would suffice your routine vitamin intake. Vitamin A and potassium should be a part of daily meals. Bananas, Oranges, and Mangoes can help to fill the Vitamin C void and dairy products like buttermilk, yoghurt, and milk are great sources of Vitamin D. However, in terms of milk consumption only pasteurised milk should be preferred as the one that’s raw and yoghurt at times might contain harmful pathogens. Protein intake is another important requirement during pregnancy. Beans, lentils and other items suggested by the expert are perfect.

Prenatal vitamin supplements

Supplements with multivitamins and components like zinc are best for a prenatal vitamin source, especially those combined with folic acid. Supplements ensure that the mother meets the intake of essential minerals and vitamins. But this does not mean you are not supposed to take

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